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We use your feedback to change how we do things.

Recent examples include:

You said...

We did...

This means...

The Patient Participation Group Forum raised concern about healthcare professionals not putting their names in eConsult response emails

We have raised this with the national digital team who will see new versions of the system can require healthcare professionals to add their name. In the meantime we have promoted this as good practice to all of our GP practices

Patients who use eConsult now know which healthcare professional is responding to them

You find it confusing to know which service to use when you need urgent care or advice

Developed an Urgent Care Guide detailing local services and when to use which one. We have also run the Use the Right Service campaign in the local area

The guide is available on our website and printed copies are being produced and will be available in public places such as GP practices across the area shortly. We are also working with mental health service users to develop a Mental Health Urgent Care Guide

You were not aware of the recent national changes to over the counter medications

The CCG has provided each GP practice with posters and leaflets to display

Information is available to patients so they are aware of the changes

We should work more closely with the voluntary sector

We have worked with the voluntary sector to start to develop an approach to do this

This approach has been discussed at our Partnership Board meeting

You would like to know more about the Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

We are supporting our PCNs to hold engagement events with their local communities

The events have provided valuable insight that the PCNs are taking into account as they develop their future plans

You would like to be a able to use online services such as the NHS App but need help

We have discussed this with our Patient Participation Group (PPG) Forum who would like to hold open days to help local people use the app

The CCG is exploring how to train PPG Forum members to use the app so they can help local people