WOW! Awards nomination form

The WOW! Awards -- for outstanding customer service

If you or a family member have received care from staff at your GP surgery that has exceeded your expectations, why not say 'thank you today by nominating them for a WOW! Award.

Practices currently launching the Wow! Awards:

  • Camrose Medical Partnership
  • Beggarwood Surgery
  • The Rooksdown Practice
  • The Chineham Medical Practice
  • The Hackwood Partnership
  • Oakley & Overton Surgery
  • Whitewater Health
  • The Bermuda & Marlowe Practice
  • Kingsclere Medical Practice

Nominations can be made under three categories:

1. Excellent care

This category is a way for patients, carers or their families to say ‘thank you’ to individuals or teams at their practice that have exceeded the expectations of the patient or visitor by placing them at the very centre of their health care needs.

2. Above and beyond the call of duty

This category allows individuals to be highlighted that have gone above and beyond their regular duties that exceed the needs and expectations of our patients and their families.

3.Collaborative working: You and your practice working together

The purpose of this award is for patients and the public to identify practice staff:

  • That have empowered them to be more actively involved in managing their own health and wellbeing by giving them ways of managing and prevented illness and disease.
  • That have enabled a patient and their carers and family to fully understand who is involved in fulfilling their health and care requirements allowing them to get the right care, in the right place and at the right time.
  • That have developed or embraced a new way of working. These innovative ideas have then made a large contribution or change to the efficiency or quality of care received in GP practices.