Primary Care Network events

We are supporting our Primary Care Networks to hold public engagement events and have held three to date – one in Chineham for the Whitewater Lodden network, one in Alton for the A31 Group, and one in Tadley for Rural West.

Each event attracted between 80 and 100 attendants, many of whom were of retirement age and very personally invested in their local healthcare.

At each event the Clinical Champion of the Primary Care Network (PCN) delivered a presentation introducing the concept of PCNs. Afterwards, various people representing different parts of the PCN gave short talks on what the PCNs mean to them. For instance, at the Whitewater Loddon event a paediatrician spoke about their new network-wide paediatric services, and at A31, the physiotherapist spoke. Other talks came from local exercise groups, Patient Participation Group members and Red Cross volunteers, among others.

After each presentation people were given the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. Whilst people had a few concerns, overwhelmingly they understood the need for change and were positive about the direction they were going in. Common questions voiced included:

  • Will they have to travel to different practices for treatment?
  • Is this voluntary on the part of practices or do they have to form PCNs?
  • Is this a merger?
  • Will they still be able to get consistency of care and see the same GP when they need to?
  • Will there be more/better provision of mental health services?

Things people particularly liked included:

  • Having faster, more direct access to specialists and other services - especially physios/mental health workers.
  • More specialists being able to free up GP time and make it easier to get an appointment.
  • More holistic, community based help.

The supporting materials for each event are available on its dedicated page on the left hand side.