Listening to you

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North Hampshire CCG is committed to meaningful engagement with communities, patients and carers to make sure that it commissions high quality, value for money health services for local people, based on patient experience and local feedback.

We work to a number of principles in our engagement work.

Getting involved

You can get involved by:

Seeking your views

We want you to get involved and influence your local health services.  As a CCG, putting the public, patients and carers at the centre of our plans and involving them in these is very important.

When plans are being considered in the way services are being delivered we want to hear what you have to say so that your views are central in helping us make those decisions.

We will put information about the consultations and engagement we are carrying out in this section of the website.

How do we engage?

We engage with local people in a variety of ways including: 

  • Surveys – both online and face-to-face
  • Focus groups
  • Conversations with individual people
  • Holding events with our partners
  • Attending local groups.

We promote engagement opportunities through:

  • Our websites and social media
  • Locality Patient Groups, Patient Participation Groups, local councils and the voluntary sector
  • Local media.

Supporting you to get involved

We regularly meet patient representatives to support them to get involved, including supporting North Hampshire Patient Participation Group members, patient representatives involved in projects and working closely with voluntary sector representatives.

Find out more on our supporting you page.

What can we do better?

We are always keen to learn how we can improve in the way we engage with individuals, groups and communities. We try to work closely with HealthWatch in doing this but we are aware there will be more that we can do. If you have any views please let us know here.

We recognise that our local communities are diverse with a range of needs and backgrounds. To support local people to get involved we offer translation and interpretation services, including providing our information in alternative formats, on request, to ensure it is accessible to everyone.

We also invite people to share information about themselves, such as gender, ethnic background, sexuality and if they have any disabilities, so we can develop our engagement approach to ensure that people from all backgrounds are able to take part and share their views.