Improving Quality and Safety

Quality and safety is at the heart of all we do at NHS North Hampshire CCG. Under the Health and Social Care Bill, we (CCGs) are required to undertake responsibility for the quality and safety of health services that we commission. It is therefore our upmost priority to ensure that we continuously improve in this area of our work and we have a small team dedicated to doing just this.

Part of our work includes monitoring the services that we commission e.g. the services that our providers give to our patients. We aim to work with our providers to ensure that the care provided to North Hampshire CCG patients is of high quality. We know that our providers already have areas of care that are seen as examples of best practice within our commissioned services however we recognise that there will be times when we will need to challenge our providers and ask difficult questions, and we are prepared for this.

Another aspect of this work is engaging with users of these services to gather feedback on the care our patients receive. This helps us address any issues and feeds into our service planning to ensure all of our services have the best possible outcomes.

We aim to seek patient and public involvement in the development of these plans wherever possible. Find out more in the Listening To You section of the website.